Awesome all year round weather in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

We have the most awesome weather all year round and amazingly when you live here you find the winters @ 13 Deg C cold in the evenings especially if you have been actively involved in the sea all day.

The best times of the year for Holidays is from March to July when the conditions are pretty calm although we could still be affected by tropical storms. From August to November can be quite windy with strong North Easterly winds making great kiteboarding conditions. Surfers tend to come here from January to July when we have big swells caused by tropical cyclones (generally from January - April) but soon the cold fronts hitting Cape Town in South Africa generate swell and hopefully turn the swell South East, which hits the point perfectly for some epic surfing.

Ideal Wind/Swell conditions for your activity. Check the Activity Pages out for operators to assist you.

Scuba Diving - Swell below 2M ; light winds 6-10 Knots ; Wind Direction SW; Cloud cover < 10

Fishing          - ditto

Kiteboarding  - Winds 12-30 Knots; Wind Direction : NE/SE

Surfing           - Winds < 6 Knots; Wind Direction SW/W ; Swell Direction SE

Paragliding     - Winds 8-10 knots; Wind Direction SE/E

Check the weather out before you head to Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique planning your activities around it. The information below from Wind Guru should be able to give you a good idea or not on wether is is a good week for Scuba Diving, Surfing, Kiteboarding, fishing etc. Bookmark this on your browser and make it a favorite once you have registered.

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