The Underwater Explorer Scuba diving adventure - Ponta do Ouro, Southern Mozambique.

The only Scuba diving operation located on the beach in Ponta do Ouro with basic backpacker accommodation for anyone also interested in Surfing and kiteboarding or any other activity you are interested in.

The Underwater Explorer is a great venue for bringing a group of Scuba diving friends/school including surfing and kite boarding buddies and chill in the evenings around the fireplace entertaining each other around the fireplace playing music and telling stories about your awesome day and your dive, wave, jump etc. and of course memories you have shared over the years. This is the only venue where the social environment lends itself to bonding with your family, friends and new contacts you have made, as there are no distractions. This gives you quality time with each other before heading out for an evening of fun at the various venues in the village.

The rates for scuba diving and accommodation also suite those looking for a simple, basic, low cost holidays allowing you to extend your visit if necessary.




Great Activities available near the beach at the whaler

Scuba Diving

Contacts information

 Mike Thompson :     

SA: +27 83 255 9436

Herbert Carter :

Moz : +258 84 756 0830

Great Fireplace setting for evening serenades

Your Crew and hosts at the Whaler

Website link - Trading as Underwater Explorers in Mozambique

Great facilities for scuba diving with clean restroom facilities for changing, which compliment the backpackers accommodation. Roll out of bed after a notorious night out in Ponta and kit up within minutes to launch after a short walk on the beach.

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