Motel do Mar



63 Apartments

256 Guests/4 per apartment

Self Catering plus Restaurant



The Motel has 63 apartments distributed in 20 blocks, lodging 4 people per apartment, totaling 252 guests with an additional two executive apartments lodging 2 people sharing bringing the total to 256 guests.

Each apartment is composed of a sitting-room fitted with a fridge, a kitchenette and a berth for two people plus room with two single beds and a bath-room.

The social and entertainment area is composed of a restaurant with a esplanade, a bar, a lounge near the bar and a polyvalent room for conferences or venues.

The complex is provided with private security and has facilities for diving. There is one independent diving company operating in the Motel.

Ponta do Ouro Heart and Soul


Cells: +258 827640388

  or  +258 845079552

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Cells: +258 827640388 or  +258 845079552

Epic Kiteboarding from right in front of the Motel