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The Wakene Beach Estate located on 18 acres of Coastal Dune Forest with its own beach front, only

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2km North of Ponta Malongane, 7km from Ponta do Oura and 15km from the Kosi / Farazelle border.

The pristine forest and its natural flora and funa has been preserved for the enjoyment of our guests who are avid nature enthusiast and wish to get away from the more busy / populated villages of Malongane and Ponta do Oura, and enjoy peace and tranquillity.
Wakene Beach Estate is both a residential and tourism Estate that offers houses and beach front sites to investors who would like to own their houses on this beautiful coast.
The tourist accommodation comprises private ablution campsites each with their own kitchenette, 2 Bedroom self catering chalets and safari tented decked camps, either with forest or sea views.

Consideration for this beautiful environment ensured that clearings for guest private units are nestled into the forest environment and close encounters with rare or shy birds, some of which are endemic to this coastal forest are common.
The Estate has a number of mammals including red duiker, suni,  bushbuck and bush pig. There are also tree dwellers like the redtailed squirrels , greater bush baby, samango and vervet monkeys.

The nearby villages, offer wonderful opportunity to interact with the local Mozambican Shangaan population who all speak both their native tongue and Portuguese. They are peaceful, friendly folk that offer a variety of traditionally rustic bars (baraka’s) where tourists and locals mingle. Some trade in Mozambique curios and souvenirs and brightly coloured sarongs, while others trade firewood and charcoal. There are stores with basic provisions and food supplies including bottled water and ice.
In addition, a visit to the local fresh food market offers a selection of freshly baked breads and rolls (Pau) basic veggies and salad ingredients, cigarettes, beers, cold drinks, cashew nuts and coconuts.
A must try is the strong fresh cloves of garlic and the speciality is the Peri Peri garlic sauce.

There is a selection of various restaurants offering traditional seafood and Portuguese cooked chicken with others selling Prego rolls, Pizzas and burgers. Everything is freshly cooked while you wait.
Watch out for the traditional tourist drink known as R&R, which is just about an even mix of Mozambique dark Rum and fizzy Raspberry soft drink. Easy drinking with lots of ice on a hot day, but be careful when you stand up after a few of these.

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