PADI Scuba Diving

Name: OCEANA Diving

Trading :  10 years

Students Trained : +- 700



Name    :  Sandy Probert


Skype   : sandy.probert

Phone  : +258 84 847 8110

PADI     : MSDT #630062

SSI Platinum : #83113




Courses: PADI, SSI

Specialities PADI & Sharklife

Airfills : Air plus Nitrox

Equipment hire : Yes

Night Dives:  Yes


Sandy is the resident medical practitioner running the Oceana Medical Centre. For more information select HERE

Join Sandy on a Sharklife course

specialising on Whale and Zambezi/Bull Sharks.


Oceana Diving offers diving excursions to reefs that teem with marine life. We have impressive fish diversity on our reefs, with over 1100 species having been positively identified.  Visit “Doodles” for encounters with “Nuisance” our friendly resident Potato Bass … or “Atlantis” for our more advanced divers or “Pinnacles” for adrenalin-filled encounters with Hammerheads & Zambezi's to name but a few of the sharks you might see. Oceana’s aim is to put the pleasure back into diving, by making diving as effortless as possible. No gear to carry, or boats to load! You & your equipment are transported to & from the beach, our staff washes your gear & cylinders are filled ready for the next dive.

We have a fully equipped 8 metre rubber duck. It is inspected annually to ensure compliance to the    Mozambican Maritime Safety Authority regulations. This includes ensuring radio communications, GPS, flares, safety flotation devices, DAN oxygen, first aid kits.

We emphasize diving safety and our equipment is maintained to a high standard. Oceana Diving is the only Dive Centre in Ponta do Ouro that is a DAN Safety Partner.  All dives are Instructor supervised.

At Oceana Diving we can guarantee you the personal attention & professional service you deserve. No more competing for dive boats & dive times, with packages to suit every budget.

Ocean offer a comprehensive service including equipment hire, Nitrox fills, Night dives, Standard Courses including specialities not withstanding Sharklife courses on Zambezi and Whale Sharks.

Environment and social responsibilities are high on their agenda and they run a strict code of conduct to protect the Marine Reserve the government of Mozambique has gazetted realizing this is an extremely important region for bio-diversity


Weddings - If you are planning to propose, renew vows or get married and do it while scuba diving with your partner join us for a partnered deal with celebrating there after you have proposed/renewed your union.

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