Ponta Kiteboarding

Join us for some epic Kiteboarding/Surfing and music in Ponta with so many options within a few meters from surfing Big Cyclone waves that you can ride form the point to the beach. The wind blows a few days each week through the year to Kite the entire year on some super flat water on low and surf some big surf on a NE or SE wind. In the evening there are plenty musicians around to entertain you around a fire while you discuss your amazing days here!



Kite Lessons



Surf Lessons

Kiteboarding, Surfing and Music heaven here in Ponta for the tricksters on low tide and plenty really good surf at the point and plenty music jammin evenings....

MUSIC - Join us for plenty Music here in Ponta from Festivals such as STRAB, which we associate with kiting, Surf and Music workshops. We also have weekly Music clubs at various venues, Jemba drumming evenings especially at Full Moon and Music Lessons for Kids and Grownups.... Like our African Rhythm Music FB page above to be connected to musos around SA and Mozam.