The local authorities can be quite strict here with making sure you have the right documentation with you at all times so we advise you to read through the regulations and to keep up to date with the changes. Ponta do Ouro has been proclaimed as a partial marine reserve, which automatically limits what could be done in the past and might even be further restricted by the activities you may do if it becomes a World Heritage site, which is pending.

Also make sure you have medical information at hand in case you have an emergency.

Safety is not really an issue here and is probably one of the safest places in Africa. In case you do have trouble we have given you direct contact numbers of people who can assist including medical emergencies. So please be careful when enjoying your stay here in Ponta do Ouro.

Security - The one thing you can be sure of is Ponta do Ouro is safe, even at night when you are out enjoying your evening after a great day in the sun. 

Currency - Cash in Rands is highly recommended and remember to leave it in a safe spot. The majority of vendors in Ponta accept Rands but if possible bring Meticais as well, which I would use wherever menus or process are advertised in local currency. If you draw money at the local ATM you will be hit with bank fees and exchange rates including drawing from another terminal other than your banks!

Credit Cards - VISA and Master Card with Visa at most establishments besides the market and dealing with local stores where you will be expected to pay cash and normally in Rands.

ATM - The ATM machine at the local bank in town will accept all major Credit/Debit cards. Draw some Local Meticais here and pay when menu is not in Rands to avoid exchange rate issues.

Electricity - is available at most establishments though in the rainy season can be disrupted for a few hours. Remember to bring torches in case this does happen and any lights you may need for your accommodation needs.

Water - Water generally in Ponta is from boreholes and can be slightly dis-coloured and is advisable not to drink as the sewerage system generally at all establishments and houses are french drains. Bring drinking water with you but in case you do run out many of the vendors supply Ice and Water in town and in the market.

Fuel - Petrol and Diesel is available at the local filling station but be warned at a premium so remember to fill up at Manguzi before crossing the border.

Medical - There is a pharmacy in town if you need any medication. If you need medical attention please contact Sandy Probert at OCEANA Medical centre.

Ponta do Ouro Rocks

Explore the Region


There are so many places you can go to enjoy the stunning environment from the Ocean to some awesome hikes up to the Lighthouse on the SA border to Santa Maria vie the Maputo Elephant Reserve. A Photographers dream world.... More HERE.


Check out our detailed published regulations for the region being a Marine Reserve and possible a World Heritage site for the entire region, which is on the cards. select HERE for more info.

Plenty to do in Ponta


Partial Marine reserve Manager
Miguel Gonclaves  cell : +258 82 727 6434


Ponta Police
Commandant Sidique Bila

+258 84 748 4177

Ponta Medical - Sandy Probert - OCEANA

+258 84 847 8110

Port Captain - Antonio Fumo

+258 82 464 6880



The Elephant Coast, which includes Ponta up to Santa Maria is one of the hotspots in the world for Biodiversity. See why HERE.



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