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We are situated in Ponta do Ouro in the southern most reaches of Mozambique and have been active in the area of dolphin eco-tourism since the mid 90's having pioneered in-water dolphin encounters in Mozambique with the aim of establishing a sustainable longterm monitoring project through the research and conservation arm of DolphinCare.Org. The program is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of ethical marine mammal tourism and has featured extensively in the news and media. Operating within the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve, Dolphin offers boat based marine activities that focuses on observing dolphins in the wild whilst following the DolphinCare code of conduct allowing for dolphin friendly, non-intrusive viewing on the dolphins terms. Our programs have been created to ensure that a nurturing rather than needy approach is followed. No feeding, forcing or coaxing, just you and our dolfriends face to face in the big blue. An experience that often leaves us wondering ‘who is actually watching who’!  The stuff dolphin dreams are made of! 


Options are structured and are used as a data collection and educational platform that offers a special insight into the life of the wild dolphin through a program that resonates with sustainable and ethical marine mammal tourism. Here you will be able to find information on swimming with wild dolphins, whale viewing, adopting a Dolphin of Ponta and how to  become a volunteer or undertake an internship.

Research - Diana Rocha

DCA biologist & educator Diana spent 5 years in Brazil where she undertook a degree in biology at the University Gama Filho in Rio. She now is back home in Mozambique and has been part of the dolphin team since February 2010.

Scientific Advisor - Dr Almeida Guissamulo

has been assisting the organization since its inception and was part of developing the DCA code of conduct and monitoring project. DCA were introduced to Almeida via Dr Vic Cockcroft (Centre of Dolphin Studies - SA) in the late 90‘s and have since maintained a long and valuable relationship.

Founder and creator of DCA & DE - Angie Gullan - Angie moved to Ponta do Ouro in 1999 and has spent many hours at sea filming and photographing the dolphins while guiding encountour programs.

Surf Skipper & Guide - Mitchel Niemeyer - Mitchel is the organizations dedicated skipper who has been working in the industry for the last 18 years. His is highly skilled in surf launching, ensuring your safety and peace of mind whilst at sea on our dolphin boat “Avalon”.


Dolphin Research Center - Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Our work has contributed to science, research and conservation over the years. It has been used to educate and bring to light the growing marine mammal tourism industry in Mozambique. This work would not have been made possible without the work and energy of our colleagues, supporters and friends.

Dolphin interaction options

Encountours - A variety of Dolphin tours are available - check options here

Volunteer - May 2006

Adopt a Dolphin

March 2006

Research documents

  1. 1.Environmental Code

  2. 2.Ethical Marine Tourism

  3. 3.Report Summary 2009-10

  4. 4.Research Summary 2010-11

  5. 5.More resources

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